Biogas and Agriculture

High Consistency PumpsTKRU-125/335 (up to now: KRTU-125/335)Nominal volume flow rate: 100 m3/h
Nominal speed: 1450 min-1
Nominal discharge head: 1.6...3.2 bar
Nominal power: 11...22 kW

PDF Datasheet TKRU-125/335

Area of application

The JOHSTADT High Consistency Pump TKRU-125/335 is a vertical centrifugal pump unit that is used for pumping of clear and dirty, neutral to slightly aggressive and abrasive fluids. In agriculture it transports manure with up to 12 % dry matter content. The submersible pump is used for recirculation, rinsing of canals and filling up liquid manure vehicles.

Technical Details

  • Ambient temperature: -20...+50°C
  • Rotation: clockwise
  • Bottom suction inlet
  • Lowering depth: 1...10 m
  • Pressure outlet: DIN loose flange DN 125
  • Drive: Electrical diving drive with temperature sensor and leakage sensor


  • Lowering device
  • Control device
  • Level control
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