Fire­fighting Equipment

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Portable Pumps hydrofighter Engine
Petrol engine
PFPN 10-1000: 1000 l/min at 10 bar
PFPN 10-1500: 1500 l/min at 10 bar
PFPN 10-2000: 2000 l/min at 10 bar
PFPN 15-1000: 1000 l/min at 15 bar

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  • JOHSTADT Fire Fighting Centrifugal Pump (single-stage) made of seawater resistant aluminum alloy
  • Automatic Priming System VACUMAT
  • Coupling system Storz (others on request)
  • Mechanical thermostatic valve for overheating protection, flushing function
  • Maintenance-free mechanical seal


  • Water-cooled 3-cylinder 4-stroke gasoline engine (Stellantis/Peugeot)
  • Worldwide service network of workshops
  • Electronically controlled injection
  • Exhaust gas cooling system
  • 20 l fuel tank with level indicator and reserve warning

Digital Control

  • Self-illuminating color display compatible with safety gloves operation and intuitive, icon-driven user interface
  • Pump Pressure Control as standard, variable outlet pressure selection, including pressure preselection buttons
  • Electronic outlet pressure limitation as standard (also with feed)
  • Inlet pressure monitoring as standard, prevents the suction line from being sucked dry at hydrant/feed operation, cavitation warning included
  • Quick start button: automatic start of engine and suction process, operational speed is reached
  • Dry run protection with automatic shutdown


  • Stainless steel support frame with double-sided standard fixing points for storage on both sides
  • Low center of gravity for ergonomic carrying behavior
  • Floor lighting integrated in the support frame
  • Lighting of the fuel filler neck and the maintenance accesses
  • Rotatable carrying handles with cold protection
  • LED work lights, can be swiveled upwards
  • Magnetic charging socket Magcode Pro
  • Lightweight starter battery (18 Ah) or comfort battery (42 Ah)
  • USB charging socket

  • Options:
  • „NATO“ jump start socket
  • Charging socket BEOS instead of Magcode
  • Rotatable pressure outlets


  • Wheel set/transport wheels
  • Second, external control panel
  • Tank strainer
  • Battery charger
  • Tool set
  • Oil drain valve instead of drain plug

Weight and Dimensions

  • 182 kg (ready for operation as PFPN 10-2000, standard battery)
  • 187 kg (ready for operation as PFPN 10-2000, comfort battery)
  • Length x Width x Height: 977 mm x 659 mm x 849 mm