Vehicle Mounted Pumps TO3001 Performance (NP)
750…3000 l/min at 10 bar
750…2000 l/min at 15 bar

Performance (HP)
250…400 l/min at 40 bar

PDF Datasheet TO3001


JOHSTADT Firefighting Centrifugal Pump EN 1028 with normal pressure pump (10/15 bar) and high pressure pump (40 bar) on a single shaft made of stainless steel and mechanical seal
  • Bearing without oil
  • Drive: Flange, hydraulic or diesel motor (ANP)
  • Rotation: clockwise
  • Priming: VACUMAT

Normal pressure pump (FPN):
  • seawater-resistant aluminium alloy or red brass/bronze
  • thermostatic valve
  • drain cock

High pressure pump (FPH):
  • stainless steel/bronze
  • overpressure valve
  • drain cock

Suction inlet

Pressure outlet

Normal pressure pump (FPN):

High pressure pump (FPH):